Learn How To start scale Your Land Business!

“We may not be the largest land educators and we like it that way! While others focus on how big their group is, we focus on providing quality content and making you a priority.”

- Jonathan Haveles


From Your First Deal to Five Figures A Month!
All While Working from Anywhere in the World.
We Are Helping Investors Scale From 1 to 100 Deals The Right Way!

Why Land Investing?


Some is needed for marketing, but we provide strategies to close deals without your own money.


Response & Conversion rates blow houses out of the water.


Very Little Competition.

Low Maintenance

It’s raw land, maybe bushhogging once a year.


No Tenants, repairs, inspections, etc.


You can close deals with as little as 8-12 hours per week.

Return on investment

Can get chunks of cash or cash flow.

Powerful Training Options Available

Whether you have been investing for years or are ready to learn, questions will come up. We are here to help.

Don’t waste another minute, reach your goals quicker by taking action NOW!

The Land riches blueprint

Ideal for both new and experienced investors.

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Gold Coaching

Short term Hand Holding in a small group setting ideal for any investor that is coachable.

Elite 1-on-1 Coaching

Ideal for new or experienced investors that want to start fast and/or Scale their land business.

Since 2016, I have helped many investors learn land investing, quit their jobs and get themselves financially free by becoming full time land investors!  Many of these students have become land investing coaches themselves.

- Jonathan haveles, co-founder "The Land method"

I have been helping new and experienced investors in the housing and land business realize their goals for 12+ years

- Ginis garcia, co-founder "The Land Method"

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Crushing Land Series

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Crushing Transactional Funding Costs with Dave Dinkel

Struggling to start because you feel you don’t have the funds? Do you have larger deals you want to do but don’t have the capital? On this episode, we will discuss transactional funding with Dave Dinkel.
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Should I Get Started and Do Deals in a HOT MARKET?

On this episode we talk about doing deals in TODAY’S HOT MARKET and what you need to know about it, but why getting started or continuing to invest in land (even in this market) still makes sense!
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Predevelopment and Entitlements

What if you find a property that can be developed? What steps do you take?
Just want to thank Jonathan, Gins, and The Land Method for the best training in the business. They do not hold anything back. I have been flipping land for a little over a year now and they showed me how to take my business to the next level. Finished March with 2 closings and over $40,000 in profits. Keep up the great work!!!
Vance miller
Glad to be in this group, others don't have that family feel like this one. I wholesaled and flipped houses 6 months leading up to COVID, and have some rentals. I'm done with houses and see this as a way better opportunity and ROI. Plus it's nice to know I can do this easily from overseas.
Thank-you Very Much Jonathan. You go beyond the call of duty to advise and educated your followers; plus have the heart of a teacher, at the same time running a full time land business doing over 100 deals a year. You walk the talk, unlike many in this space. Much Appreciated.
Piper parker
I am really thrilled with The Land Method. These people have helped me so much in so many ways. They are sincere, down to earth, and don't hold back; they will help you in any way you need. I can attribute the growth in my land business due to them.
Melody Balk